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The Bionarus website was a pleasure to build, with a lot of data visualization challenges. I used animated numeric counters to count up to the impressive totals that Michael has accumulated in research collaborations. The goal was to emphasize his services and his expertise. It was important to leverage his knowledge for use in promoting his consulting business.

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To show the reach of his extensive research word-wide, I needed to show the locations on an interactive map. Using Google Maps, I plotted his locations, and listed them in a chart below the map. The user can click a location in the chart, and the map with open his location, highlighting that point on the map. It really puts Michael’s work into perspective.


You can see his publications page, shown below. He wanted to further emphasize his knowledge and expertise by listing the publications where he has been published. You can see the journal, his involvement, and a link to the article itself. It was important to organize and categorize these publications to make them easy to digest. Listing them in a grid was an easy way to break up the large number of publications into manageable chunks of information.





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September 16, 2014

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